About Us

Your Health Goal is our Mission!

Our clinic has been serving our community for over 16 years. While we help people with varying health goals, our office is largely a family wellness centre. We believe prevention is a lot easier than healing from sickness, but of course, we help with both. We value educating our community about how to be healthy, and we have a passion for teaching kids about health. We offer support and coaching in many areas of health, such as nutrition, exercise, mindset and minimizing environmental toxins.

At Wiebe Chiropractic Centre, we recognize the body’s incredible self-healing ability. Our goal is to remove interferences to the body’s innate healing ability, so you function at your best and achieve a state of wellness. We have multiple providers under one roof to help you accomplish your health goals, and a passionate team excited to help you.

Focusing on nerve supply, nutrition, exercise, mindset and minimizing toxicity can help your body achieve its optimal potential.